GER3 is responding to Hurricane Dorian that is causing devastation in the Bahamas and that is also a significant threat the US east coast. Unfortunately, the indications are that the needs for support in the Bahamas will be significant including for debris management operations.  

GER3 is deploying its Global Response Team (GRT) and will be operational in affected areas as soon as possible. GER3 will be targeting support to especially vulnerable families who have been affected by Dorian. Our team will be working with community members to identify families most in need, understand how to best support, and provide the appropriate help to get them back into their homes as quickly as possible.

Likely support includes: 

  • Clean-up kits

  • Cleaning out homes, schools and health facilities with the removal or recycling of debris

  • Connecting families with a range of partner resources (e.g. food, water, housing, medical facilities) that can help them recover faster

  • Identification and supply of professionals to support with home repair, restoration of schools and health facilities

As with all GER3 operations, we seek to use sustainable supplies, recycle available materials and respond based on the needs specified by the communities and households themselves. We plan to match the GER3 'build back better' approach to meet those needs as best as possible. 

GER3 believes response is strengthened through partnerships, and is looking forward to working with other great organizations to have a deep impact on targeted families.  

100% of any donations made here on our website will now go directly to the GER3 Dorian operation and will help people recover as quickly as possible.

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