Fall 2018 Updates

GER3 recently responded to three emergencies, deploying response teams and immediate assistance to the most vulnerable communities in the aftermath of hurricanes Florence (North Carolina) and Michael (Florida) as well as the Indonesia Earthquake and Tsunami (Sulawesi, Indonesia). GER3 response teams deployed to the affected areas as soon as possible in order to assess the needs on the ground and tailor relief and recovery efforts to meet the specific needs which emerged after each disaster.

Responding to Hurricane Florence in September, a GER3 disaster response team immediately deployed to the region with equipment for relief and recovery. The team, in partnership with J/P HRO, targeted efforts towards critically vulnerable families affected by the flooding in Robeson County, North Carolina. The response included: Muck outs and debris clearance, pumps (for pumping water from homes), dehumidifiers & fans, clean-up kits, and identification and supply of contractors to support with mold remediation. For more details about the specific response efforts, partnerships, and results in Robeson county, please visit the project page here.

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In response to the 7.5 magnitude earthquake in Indonesia, GER3 deployed a disaster response and recovery team to conduct initial assessments, deliver assistance and design programming focused on debris management and building back better. GER3 targeted support to local communities (households, schools and health facilities) and supported the management of debris and shelter challenges they faced. For more information and photos, please visit the project page here.

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Responding to hurricane Michael in Florida, GER3 focused on maximizing impact for a few select families in a particularly vulnerable town. The team supported a local entrepreneur with a small logging business to provide debris removal for families in Blountstown. Additional information and personal experiences shared by each family supported by GER3 can be found here.