Support to Sint Maarten Continues

Yesterday, the GER3 team successfully recovered 9 classrooms at the Leonard Connor School. Working in partnership with Tzu Chi, GER3 provided technical guidance, supervision and supplies, while Tzu Chi provided volunteers and food/water. As a result of GER3's intervention, the teachers and workers will now have access to their classrooms to prepare for reopening next Monday. In addition, the Ministry of Education was able to send contractors to the school to start repairing windows, something it was unable to do before due to access issues.

Today the team will focus on a household, previously identified by GER3, that is in desperate need of debris removal. The residents are elderly and handicapped, and have remained in their home amongst the debris with only a partial roof. GER3 will work with Tzu Chi to remove the debris from the house and restore their home as quickly as possible.

Photos of debris removal at Leonard Connor School: