GER deploys to Houston to take part in Hurricane Harvey response effort

GER is responding immediately to Hurricane Harvey with the deployment of an initial response team consisting of three assessment and programming specialists. The GER team is mobilizing with our vehicles and will be fully self-sufficient with the equipment (tents, food supplies, electrical supply, telecommunications equipment and three boats so we can access communities affected by Harvey) needed to be immediately operational in the affected area.

The GER team will be augmented as needed with other disaster response specialists and begin to identify ways in which GER can support the relief, recovery and reconstruction efforts. The team will meet this week with local and national emergency management officials (FEMA), the American Red Cross and other partners operating in the area to identify potential communities most in need of our support. We will then work with affected communities to understand how to best leverage the GER "build back, better" approach to meet needs given available resources.  We will seek to respond with assistance that is needed now and then link that assistance to longer-term recovery and reconstruction support.

As with all GER operations we will seek to use sustainable supplies, recycle available materials and respond based on what the community actually tells us that they need. We will focus on clearing the debris left by Harvey, providing temporary facilities and immediately starting the reconstruction process with a particular focus on homes, schools and health facilities. 

Our response is strengthened through our partnerships withothers. We will partner with the communities, other organizations and with those who can support GER with resources. At this time, all donations make a difference supporting GER to help people recover from Harvey and deliver impactful projects. Please go to and contribute whatever you can. Thank you!