GER supports crisis affected communities to build back better than before the crisis. We clear the debris left by a disaster, provide temporary facilities and immediately start the reconstruction process with a particular focus on affected homes, schools and health facilities. GER is committed to using sustainable, culturally appropriate and community led interventions.

Our Mission

To assist crisis-affected persons globally to build back better following disasters through integrated relief, recovery and reconstruction services.

Types of Projects & GER Differentiating Aspects

Below are the types of projects that GER delivers and the differentiating aspects of our work. 

GER Project Types

  • Debris management and removal from homes, schools and health facilities.
  • Temporary building and infrastructure construction.
  • Livelihood support.
  • Permanent building construction (homes, schools and health facilities).
  • Other critical infrastructure.

GER Differentiating Aspects

  • Community led interventions that place the affected communities at the center of design and implementation - GER facilitates and supports.
  • Larger scalable projects that integrate relief, recovery and reconstruction programming.
  • Prioritize the most vulnerable and where there are gaps in the response.
  • Robust Monitoring & Evaluation of projects ensuring high levels of accountability.
  • Sustainable sourcing of materials used to the greatest extent possible.