Updates from Indonesia

GER3 has conducted initial needs assessments with a particular focus on debris management and has initiated response programs to address needs of the most vulnerable. A small GER3 team has developed on site, including several local Indonesian team members. Equipment (generators, excavators, bulldozers, etc) have been procured and debris management operations have begun.

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New debris estimates from Urban Resilience Platform (urplatform.eu) emphasize the significant debris management work ahead in Indonesia. Estimates suggest over 6.6 million tonnes of debris. GER3 will continue to assess options for debris removal and reuse in various communities, particularly in schools.


GER3 is now working with the government of Indonesia to help clear a school in Palu that was hit by the tsunami. The GER3 excavator has already helped to clear over half of the site. The team is considering demolition activities, assessing which materials can be salvaged and reused, and developing plans for redevelopment.